Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 4th - Lentil Burgers & Sewing Class

Today was a beautiful, sunny, spring like day that I spent with my kiddos. Quin had her first kids yoga class. She spent all day, it was a 4 PM, asking about it, and I was afraid it might not live up to all her anticipation, but it totally did. She LOVED it! I did yoga almost everyday when I was pregnant, and she would try to do it with me, but she was a bit young to stick with it. Today she did, because the instructor, Mindy Johnstone at Rocky Mountain Yoga, did an amazing job of working the alphabet into yoga.

Two creative endeavors for me today...

1) Lentil Burgers. I'm a vegetarian and am always trying to make a better veggie burger. Today I tried this recipe from TLC Cooking. I don't have any photos because I was too busy getting prepared for sewing class...

2) Ahhhhh, sewing class. 3 blissful kid free hours to work on any project I want to. Basically taking or teaching a class is the only way I get out of the house without kiddos and create. I love this class because I can bring whatever I want to work on and I get to have the help of a knowledgeable teacher. Tonight's project is a big step in my plan to spruce up my home studio. The walls are lined with Ikea Expedit bookcases, many of which have plastic milk crates in them. I hate the way they look and kept vowing to figure out a way to make them loveable. Then the perfect solution fell into my lap via my favorite e-newsletter, Craft Daily. This brilliant solution is by Laura Gunn of Paint in My Hair. Here is the PDF. My milk crate was not the same size as hers so I had to adjust for mine. In the end, it is a bit snug but I know what to do next time. I can now confidently whip out a bunch of these. Yippee! I have tons of vintage scrap fabric, like this sweet print that I may have paid .50 cents for...

All photos by Tiffany Teske
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My amazing friend, Kim, is in the class and she brought in some of her 10 month old daughter's handmade receiving blankets and in no time sewed four of them together for a blanket for her future bed. She will sew four more together for the back and them sew both panels together. And she is using the scraps to make a matching doll blanket, genius!

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