Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18th - A Little Collage

I have been working on this collage for a few days. I was inspired to start it because I had lots of book page and sheet music hearts left over from Valentine making. I usually start a collage with a vague idea of what I want but I never plan things out, aside from which materials to use. Once I gather the materials, which probably takes the most time, I lay things out, move things around, then just look at it for awhile before gluing things down. Sometimes, I use 3-D elements, which I did here. It can be difficult to make out everything in my collages, since little bits of text, 3-D elements, and fine details can get lost in photos. My favorite parts about this collage are the Polaroid (of course!), the 3-D hearts, and the two little glittered elements. This called Chorus and it is 8x8".


Serena said...

Love, Love, Love your collage! excellent job!!!

(no worries about the email, I figured it out!)

Tiffany Teske said...

Thanks, Serena! And thanks for the Valentine's from little man. I am sorry I am just writing back, I just read your email tonight. I am glad you got it all figured out!