Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feature Article in PhotoEd Magazine

I have long been a fan of PhotoEd Magazine. I was first alerted to this publication when my friend and fellow photographer, Angela Marklew, was featured in their book arts issue. I have submitted to them twice, and the first time I had one of my Polaroid transfers featured in their Reader's Gallery. I blogged about it here.

The second time I submitted, they were looking for portfolio submissions by photographers who were working in historic processes. I contacted Felix Russo, the magazine's publisher, and asked if Polaroid processes would be considered. He was looking for photographers working in all alternative processes and asked me to submit some of my tranfer work. I sent him two bodies of work, my Seeing Double Polaroid Spectra Series, and Personally Created Iconic Memories (which I need to upload to Picasa or Flickr...). Six images from Iconic Memories were selected to appear in the magazine and I was asked to write about the series. I received both a contributor's credit on the magazine's masthead, as a writer, and then had my article in the contents and in the magazine.

No matter how many times I have seen my work in print, as a professional photographer, it is always exciting. I am thrilled to be in full color, across two pages, of this wonderful Canadian publication. And especially to be in THIS issue. It is the 25 issue, called Photography Revisited. It features many talented photographers working in processes from albumen printing to cyanotype toning to pinhole and toy camera photography. I have read about half way through the issue, and I can't wait to get online to check out even more of these artists' work.

Here is Mr. Russo's editorial for this issue:
"With this issue we celebrate a milestone, our 25th issue — a good time to reflect on what photography is and why photographers are fascinated with their art of choice. PhotoEd has always considered that photography is not a singular activity with a uniform approach. In fact, one of the lures of photography is the almost infinite paths that it offers to anyone setting out on a journey of photographic exploration. The sum total of all photographic discoveries, inventions, and processes are available for you to discover. The relation of past processes and present practices is symbiotic—mutually beneficial. Encompass the entirety of photography and you will be rewarded with many rich experiences. Thank you for taking PhotoEd along on your journey and for your support over the years.

The fall 2009 issue of PhotoEd will be a survey of post-secondary colleges, universities, and professional schools offering an education in photography. Consider having your school featured in this issue. Students attending these schools are welcome to submit their portfolios. The photographic universe is expanding at an accelerating pace and education will be your ticket to this new world."

If you are a student, what are you waiting for? Get together your best work and submit to PhotoEd....

I am a photographer for exactly the reason Mr. Russo talks about in his editorial. Photography doesn't present just one option, it is compilation of all things within its history. The options are unlimited, the possibilities endless. It is never the same. I am obsessed with photography. It is my passion. I am so grateful to be able to turn my passion into something that speaks to others.

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robayre said...

I'm having a very Seinfeld moment when Elaine, with excitement and enthusiasm, would shove Jerry while exclaiming "GET OUT!" It's a good thing I'm not living nearby because a shove in your situation (no matter how friendly) would not be a good one. I'm thrilled for you! How exciting :D :D :D