Monday, February 20, 2012

A Few Photos from the Opening of Jenny Shea & Tiffany Teske: A Mixed Media Collaboration

Jenny Shea with her babe, Myself, and Jo-Annie with her babe 

I am so behind on this but here they are; a couple of photos from the February 3rd opening of my current show at the Banff Public Library. There was a great turn out, considering there were four other major events happening that night in the Bow Valley. Jenny & I were so happy to welcome our friends to see our latest work. We received lots of great feedback and we sold four pieces at the opening. Jenny brought her new little boy, Luka, who was able to meet my friend, Jo-Annie's little girl, Olive. Fun was had by all! If you would still like to see the show, it will hang at the library through February 29th.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mixed Media - Article in the Banff Crag & Canyon

A Fine Catch
By Jenny Shea & Tiffany Teske
Mixed Media
12 x 9"

I would like to thank Camara Miller for the awesome article that follows...

Mixed Media
By Camara Miller

As local artist Tiffany Teske walks around her newly opened collaborative show at the Banff Public Library, she contemplates aloud about the possibility of wax and photo transfers on metals — techniques she has never tried before.

Jenny Shea & Tiffany Teske: a Mixed Media Collaboration opened at the library on Friday and once the pieces were on the wall, Teske and copper-artist Jenny Shea were already inspired to work together again.
“(Jenny and I) are really just scratching the surface,” Teske said.

The two met a couple of years ago and immediately decided to collaborate.

“I’m drawn to metal,” Teske said, describing the inspiration that comes from working with another artist in unfamiliar territory, and in this case, developing a curiosity about working with metal.

Although the show has many solo pieces, the collaborative works had each artist making the background for a few compositions, then swapping to add onto the backdrop. Teske, specializing in photography, would then switch canvases with Shea who was creating a copper-work foundation. The pieces might have made another trip back to the original artist before each was complete.

For Shea, the process was a new experience.

“It was fun because I would see a story in one of Tiffany’s photographs and try to finish the story in my own way,” Shea said.

Teske emphasized that it really came down to trust. Both admit it wasn’t ideal to work in separate workspaces, but was the best way to work since both have young families.

While no initial themes were discussed, the show exhibits nature with a modern take on the classic subject. However, another theme that stands out is one of community. The library is an accessible venue and Shea commented that the opening last Friday led to some fantastic conversations about the works.

“Everyone will see something different in the pieces,” Shea said

The feeling must come naturally when you think about how the images were made. While the workspace arrangements may not have felt ideal, it developed some interesting art under the circumstances. One would begin the story, the other would interpret the beginnings and it would be passed back and forth. Instead of one uniform intention behind the show, it was a collage compiled by moods if the artist or stories from their own life.

Check out the exhibit at the Banff Public Library until Feb. 29.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Article in the Rocky Mountain Outlook about My Current Show at the Banff Public Library about Jenny Shea & Tiffany Teske: A Mixed Media Collaboration

Blame It On The Rain
By Jenny Shea & Tiffany Teske
Mixed Media Assemblage

 The following article appears in this week's Rocky Mountain Outlook.  

Metal Meets Photography
By Michelle Macullo

Pick-up lines—we’ve all heard them. 

And when they’re not rude, they’re usually lame. ‘Don’t you know me from somewhere? Did we go to different schools together? Can I have your phone number? I seem to have lost mine.’  

But what’s the line when a self-taught metal artist Jenny Shea and a professional photographer Tiffany Teske repeatedly run into one another at art and craft fairs?

‘Hey baby, wanna make art?’

That’s exactly what they did.

And during February at the Banff Public Library Art Gallery, everyone’s invited to see Jenny Shea & Tiffany Teske: A Mixed Media Collaboration. An opening reception with both artists in attendance takes place tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 3) from 7 to 9 p.m.

The exhibit features both individual and joint pieces. At its core is Teske’s ephemeral photography and Shea’s patina-kissed, landscape-inspired copper sheet work. The result is an unexpected flow and ease to it—like to people sitting down, discussing the state of the world, while finishing each other’s sentences.

“I like learning new things and not always doing my own thing in isolation,” Teske says.  “Collaborating...pushes you to try other things.”

The joint works suggest the two sat side-by-side as the pieces came to life, but such was not the case. Juggling young families and life in general, the pair decided to hand their respective portions off without instructions. Instead, they relied on “trust and mutual respect,” to guide the process.

“Here’s my stuff,” Shea asserts. “Decide what you want to do with it. Let’s do this and see what happens.
“And I knew she (Teske) was going to create something amazing.”

Shea says art has taught her to go with how she feels—allowing the linear part of her brain to come up with a rough plan, but listening to the metal and being comfortable with what it offers.

“I’ll have an idea in my head, but by the time I start working on a piece, it can change,” she explains. “I have to let it go naturally.

“Sometimes after I’m done, I’ll go to bed and decide I’m not happy with it. But I’ll wake up the next day and know that it’s beautiful. I love the surprise.”

So now that their first collaboration out in the public domain, will there be a second for the artistic power couple?

“Absolutely,” Teske smiles. “Jenny and I are only just getting to know each other and what is possible together. I can foresee more than one other date in the future.”

Shea couldn’t agree more.

“It’s nice to work with other people’s art,” Shea echoes. “I hope I get to do it again.”

 For more information or to purchase a piece, please contact the artists directly at (Shea) and (Teske).

Jenny Shea & Tiffany Teske: A Mixed Media Collaboration is on display until February 29.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

365 Days With Kiddos - #37 - Make "Stained Glass" Hearts Using Crayon Shaving

The first time my daughter used a crayon sharpener she got so into it that we decided to sharpen every crayon we own. This, of course, produced a large pile of crayon shavings. I seemed to remember using these in a craft when I was a child, and after thinking on it a bit, I remembered putting them between pieces of wax paper, ironing, and making "stained glass". This is a great way to recycle and upcycle your crayon shavings.

How to Make a Stained Glass Heart (or any other shape) With Crayon Shavings
By Tiffany Teske
For all ages (children will need adult supervision when using the iron)

You will need:
- crayons that need to be sharpened
- a crayon or pencil sharpener
- wax paper
- a cereal box cardboard for making a template
- an iron
- a dish towel
Optional - a table top or standing ironing board to iron on (we just ironed on the counter on top of the dish towel)
Optional - foil ribbon, glitter, confetti, or anything else you would like to add.


1) Create a template in the shape that you want the wax paper to be. We used a heart we saved from a box of chocolates from several years ago. You can preheat the iron now. We used it on a medium high setting since we ironed through the dish towel.

2) Cut two pieces of wax paper to a size that the template will fit onto.

3) Put the template on top of the wax paper and trace. Repeat on the other sheet.

4) Cut out the shapes along the traced lines.

5) Cut out pieces of ribbon to sandwich into your heart.

6) Place one of the wax paper pieces on top of half of the dish towel. Place ribbon snippets, crayon shavings, and any other optional items on top of the wax paper.

7) Place the other wax paper piece on top of the other. Fold the empty side of the dish towel over on top of the wax paper sandwich.

8) Iron, with the steam setting off, on top of the towel, checking from time to time to see if the crayon shaving are melting in the sandwich.


Iron a bit more...

9) When the shaving have melted, remove the dish towel and admire your art work! Tape it to the window using clear tape.

Do you know a variation on this craft? If so, please leave it in the comment below. You could make these smaller, put them on a string, and hand them out as Valentines...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jenny Shea & Tiffany Teske: A Mixed Media Collaboration - Art Exhibition at the Banff Public Library, February 2012

by Jenny Shea & Tiffany Teske
Mixed Media Collage
 12 x 12"

I have always enjoyed collaborating with other artists. I have never been the artist who toils away in my studio, all alone, hoarding my "secrets", and being afraid of others "copying" me. I have gotten to where I am today by learning from other people, artists, and teachers who have been willing to share their knowledge. I have gone on to have a generous attitude about sharing my knowledge and to have an insatiable appetite to learn.

Ocean Romance
by Jenny Shea & Tiffany Teske
Mixed Media Collage
 12 x 12"
I met Jenny Shea just over a year ago, at the Whyte Museum. We were both participating in a holiday art sale. I was instantly drawn to her beautiful pieces made with metal. Take a look for yourself at her website, The Magpie Room. She also liked my Polaroid transfers and we traded our art. I even bought one more piece of Jenny's work the next day. I had only just met her, but I was excited about somehow trying to combine our styles, for me to somehow use my images on her metal collages.

Make Memories
by Jenny Shea & Tiffany Teske
 Mixed Media Collage
 12 x12"

I have shown my work several times at the Banff Public Library and realized that it would be great to have a show there with Jenny. We applied, got to work, and tomorrow, February 1st, we will hang the show. It will be up until February 29th. If you are in the area and would like to come to our opening, please keep reading for all the info....

Opening Invite: 
Join artists Jenny Shea & Tiffany Teske for the opening of their month-long exhibit at the Banff Public Library at 101 Bear Street in Banff. "Jenny Shea & Tiffany Teske: A Mixed Media Collaboration" is the result of Jenny's metal work and Tiffany's collage & assemblage work being combined into pieces that were completed separately but by both artists. For some pieces, Tiffany created the backgrounds, then gave the pieces to Jenny to finish, and in others Jenny started, and Tiffany finished. Each artist has chosen some of the titles for their pieces. In addition to the collaborative pieces there will be many of Jenny's signature metal pieces and several encaustic collages made by Tiffany. Everything will be for sale through the artists, and Tiffany will bring some prints and items that will only be available that night.

Please join us from 7 - 9 PM to celebrate our show which will run until Feb 28th. We look forward to seeing you, and to showing off Jenny's newborn son, Luka. :)

Artistic Epiphany
by Jenny Shea & Tiffany Teske
 Mixed Media Collage
 12 x12"