Monday, February 25, 2008

I love Trunkt!

Yeah, I do :) I can't say why one site appeals to some and not others, and I have had to defend Trunkt on a few occasions... Some people think they don't like Etsy, or that Etsy doesn't like them, I don't think that is true because they are completely different from one another.

Some people don't like the fact that they have to apply and be accepted but I do! Maybe that is because I was accepted the first time I applied, but that didn't really surprise me because photography is not my hobby it is my career. No offense to those who don't work in art full time, this is not a judgement, I am meerly saying that I have two University degrees in photography, have been interested in it since I was 7, obsessed with it since I was 15, have opened and run two successful photography businesses, and I do it EVERYDAY! No, you don't need to go to school to be a successful photographer or artist, but I do feel strongly that you need to do it everyday or at least every few days. Creating is what makes someone an artist in my opinion. Anyway, I think Trunkt is for professionals or at least to dedicated artists. There are so many photographer out there, thanks to digital cameras and everyone and their mother being able to own a camera, that I feel it is important for there to be sites for everyone and sites for serious photographers. It is nice to be included with 5 pages of photographers, not 50. And while I am on this topic, I feel it is awesome that if you have applied to Trunkt and been rejected that you can apply again. I know people who have done it and been accepted.

Some people question Trunkt's motives, like why you can have a free portfolio or only be charged once to upgrade. People have insinuated that Trunkt might be selling images on the black market... what?! Why would they screw the people the represent. I know someone who has a real issue with their use policy and how it is worded, and I also know that they told Trunkt this, and TRUNKT ACTUALLY REWORDED THEIR POLICY! For someone who they don't represent. That is pretty awesome. In fact, anytime I have ever contacted Trunkt, I get a response right away. I had some suggestions on better tagging for photography and Dev got back to me right away and was totally willing to implement them. Plus if anyone wonders about Trunkt, they should read "About Trunkt" on the website and then contact them with questions.

Other people want Trunkt to be a selling site, um, no. There are plenty of selling sites, most people on Trunkt are on them, and you can link to these sites from Trunkt. I love to have a place to send people to see my portfolio without having them be sold to.

Wow, didn't mean to go off on that rant. But I do feel better for putting it out there. What I was going to say about Trunkt, the reason I started writing this, is because I just went to check my portfolio, something I do each day, and MY SHOWCASE, where I feature the work of others on Trunkt, is ON THE FRONT PAGE :) I am excited about this because I really love the showcase I created. It is all black and white images. And it looks lovely! So many talented people!! And the front page showcase on Trunkt stays there for quite awhile. Not a couple hours. FUN, FUN, FUN! I really really wish I could copy and post it here but I tried and I only get one photo, not all 16.

Now, if that was not fun enough, BELOW THE SHOWCASE on the front page is an area called Premium Portfolio Spotlight, AND I AM THERE!! Of all the people on Trunkt, I am being featured there, too! Yippee :) When I refreshed the page, I wasn't there anymore, so I think it is random, but just for my own enjoyment it was cool to see my showcase and my portfolio featured at the same time.


Diana said...

I too love Trunkt! And hey - I'm in your showcase, thanks! :-)

To have a juried site with the handmade goodness of Etsy is a wonderful thing. I can see how some people would get offended if they couldn't get on, but thems the breaks!

I'd been searching for a site that was designed to bring artists and consumers together for a long time.

I could go on and on :-)

Athena said...

Great post about Trunkt. I love it over there, for the same reasons you listed. I'm glad it's juried and we're not selling anything. As far as all the griping... I get tired of seeing the various posts about it, but there's always sour grapes somewhere.

Love your photography! :)

Twiggymolly said...

Dear Tiffiany,
I just discovered Etsy, and found you! I do love your creations! I went to Trunkt and I think I might apply to them. I would appreciate your honest opinion. I see so many silversmithed items there, with little beadwork. Do you think my line is a good match? Be Honest. I can handle a rejection from them if I apply. To view my jewelry, I have about one hundred items on my web site, and the one of a kind items are at Etsy.
I know your time is valuable and I would appreciate your input. I think you can glen from my BIO that I agree with the Trunkt philosophy.

Please feel free to contact me off this blog so you can criticize me in private if you want!

Beyond the Rockz said...

We're all for Trunkt too! Perhaps it's because we also were accepted on the first try (two weeks ago). The concept and the inspiring community make this a wonderful place to be, and we do like how this is a place for our portfolio rather than for shopping. Afterall, links are there if one would like to click for more. Our overall initial impression: it works nicely.

Al and Caroline