Sunday, February 3, 2008

Night Owls, Create-a-day!, & Sale to Aus

Sheesh, 12:36 AM ALREADY?! How come this always happens to me? I do love being a night owl. I would NEVER switch it for being a morning person. EVER. My daughter and husband are sleeping peacefully, it is dark, and quiet, and I am getting so much done. I am lucky that even when I was pregnant I went to bed after midnight, because Quin learned in utero the sleep in and stay up late. She goes to bed about 10 PM and gets up about 9:30 AM. She has always been like this. I LOVE it. I get to work after she goes to bed and get up when she does. Yeah, I know, all the morning people tell me how someday she will have to go to school, ya da ya da, but that is SOMEDAY. For now she is 20 months old and its all good. I am a professional artist/photographer, I chose this life. I don't have to get up at 6 AM. If I have a commercial shoot it is always after 10 AM. And anything else I do can be done whenever it works. I hate to break it to all those people who told me I would HAVE to get up at 6 AM "when you have a baby" because honestly, babies adapt to their situation, and she fits into ours perfectly.

Guess what?! I joined another blog (this is the third including this one, I will talk about the Etsy Mini Blog tomorrow), it is called Create-a-Day. I saw Sheila, or Sheasy, in a forum on Etsy. She was talking about Create-a-Day. I checked it out an wanted to join RIGHT AWAY. It is just what I have been looking for. I have been wanting to create on thing a day for about a year now, so this will give me the push I need. I am excited to be surrounded by more Etsy talent. The blog has good energy. I have already been welcomed by Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose (who has a daughter named Tiffany, who is a photographer!) and Robayre (who was kind enough to heart my Etsy shop, thanks!). Let the creative games begin!

In the wee hours of the morning, yesterday, I received a convo and order from G in Sydney, Australia! This is my first "international" Etsy order that is not to the US (I am in Banff, Canada). It is a Polaroid transfer of Pemaquid Light in Bristol, Maine, my favorite lighthouse (I am getting nostalgic just thinking about it, I lived in Maine for almost 10 years). Thanks for being my "first", G! I hope to make it to Sydney again someday...

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