Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Too Much Popcorn...

Urgh, I am ILL! Too much nasty movie theater popcorn. It used to be my favorite snack, I would get huge cravings for it, but after tonight I think I may be off the stuff. Went to see Juno, which was really good. Very real. It didn't glamorize teen pregnancy but instead showed a smart girl, and a sweet guy, a dad and stepmom who were unconditionally loving, and the realities of life, both good and bad, that we are confronted with each day, whether being a teen who is pregnant or not. Plus it was based in my home area of Minneapolis, or just outside of it. I didn't know that when I went to see it, but they started mentioning Stillwater, Mankato, St. Cloud, and then Ridgedale Mall which was the closest mall to me the who time I was growing up! The lead actress who played Juno is really cute and funny, and I have always loved the guy who played her boyfriend, from Arrested Development.

So, I was going to talk about all the recent opportunities. I will do my best here, but really should go to bed because I feel sick.

One, is that Shady Lanes, who curated the Gimme Polaroid V show in San Francisco. emailed to say it wasa a great success and that she is going to be making a book from the show! I am getting the hi res images together to send her, and she mentioned something about including additional images that may not have been in the show, so I may have more (or less) than my 5 original images. I am waiting to hear back from her about whether any of my pieces sold. She has images from the opening in Flickr.

I received an email from Tracy Midulla Reller, the curator of [5]Art, in West Tampa, Florida. The 5 Polaroids that I sent as a submission for the Instant Gratification Polaroid Installation were accepted! Now I just wish I could go to the opening. I believe I sent Ferntebrae 1 & 2, Pink, Bound 1, & one of my papaya images... The are "straight" Polaroids, not transfers. The show opens on February 8th.

Things have been rockin' on both Trunkt & Etsy!

I added about 12 new images to my Trunkt portfolio and it continues to be one of the most popular in photography category :) They have added some new changes that I need time to check out. One is that I can make an ad for galleries, wholesalers, licensers, which is awesome! I really love Trunkt and feel I have received great exposure and results from having my portfolio with them.

On Etsy I have been on two front page treasuries within 48 hours. And Anda from admin put me in an Etsy Picks treasury that highlights a new feature called Suggestions. This is the image that was used:

And there is a lot going on in the Poe forums. There is a great group of photographers in this group. So talented and committed to promoting photograph on Etsy. It does some to be having an impact on both the number of treasuries featuring photography and the number sales people are having. Here are my two latest sales:

In addition to that street team I have joined the Free Thinkers, "a group of Artists, Craftsmen, and Designers who feel that we should live and let live. We are Atheists, Agnostics, Christians, Jews, and Buddhists who try to be respectful of the religious, political and philosophical beliefs of other people: we don't try to change anyone's mind and we try not to be judgmental. We believe in peace, laughter, and giving a helping hand when and where we can."

AND a new group started up on Facebook called Interior Design Etsy, lead by Kristina Law. It is currently an open group that will eventually be closed. "The purpose of this group is to network among fellow Etsy Members and/or Artists that offer things that apply to Interior Design, Home Decore and related topics. It is required that you have an etsy shop and you sell things that fall into Interior Design/Home Decor/Art/Furniture/Housewares etc. category."

There is more to share but it can wait for tomorrow. Here is my newest image, I LOVE it! I shot it in Vermont, at Jay Peak, back in 2001 but never made it into a transfer until this week. I hope to start showcasing the talents of others here soon...

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