Thursday, February 7, 2008

Oh Well, C'est la Vie!

I have been checking the mail lately, waiting for a copy of a book my work was featured in, called The Handbook to Handmade, Etsy Artists, Volume II. It finally arrived yesterday but I didn't have a chance to sit down and open it until today (since I love to savor these kinds of things). Well, all was going well. I opened the package, enjoyed the cover, which features my Etsy friend, Serena, excitedly flipped to my 2 page spread, and then got bummed. Now, I paid to be a part of this book. Not a lot but I did pay and I was going to use it as a portfolio piece but now I won't show it to anyone... Why? Well, because the nice person who put this book together is more used to product shots than art and photography because HE CROPPED MY IMAGES WITHOUT TELLING ME!! And in doing so he ruined the impact on two out of three of them and actually ruined one image completely. Usually with this kind of thing I am given a proof to approve and since I was not in this case I really assumed that he was going to use them as I had sent them. And the biggest bummer is that the color of all the images turned out perfect, which NEVER happens! I know that an artists usually makes a bigger deal about this sort of thing than is necessary, and of course I care more about how my image looks that anyone, and generally I would think that people would not even notice but imagine the image below with 3/4 of the orange pepper cropped off the top of the image, so basically you could see there is something colorful there, but hey, what the Hell is it? Oh Well, C'est la Vie!

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