Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rummaging, Shrimp Scampi, Self Doubt...

Today was for rummaging, and frankly nothing else much got done. It was a beautiful day here in Banff, sunshining, snow melting, deer and tourists frolicking in the streets. Q & I had a slow start and made it to our big destination about 2 PM. Can I say how much I love to rummage? And what an awesome word is that anyway? Rummage... doesn't sound like the typical verb but it is a definate action word the way I do it. Quin is quite experienced as well. Church rummage sales are the best (actually maybe rummage sales only happen at churches, unlike yard sales or garage sales...). Tons of stuff, great prices. And this sale, at the Catholic Church was far better than the last church sale. They were starting to pack up when we arrived but we still found plenty to take home, including a 1967 set of Encyclopedia Brittanicas with the most amazing illustrations...$5 for the set!! And $2 for about 25 mini board books I can alter. Free patterns, one from the 40s for a cat costume. I will have to scan and post that one. Tons of fabric scraps. Oh joy! And I just love the little church ladies, who remind me of my grandmother and who love my daughter. They are so generous and give her things we didn't pay for and barely make me pay for the things I do. I spent $21 on tons of loot.

Thing is, as much as a I LOVE to collect these things, I always feel a bit guilty that I have so much stuff!! I think it is the curse of being a creative person. I see potential and inspiration EVERYWHERE. Mixed media is just an excuse to collect it all. Oh well, today was sure fun, and so will be making something, someday, with the finds.

Andre was home for dinner and together we made a wonderful shrimp scampi. I would never get rid of my vintage and used cookbook collection but I must say we are really enjoying cooking with the laptop. Search for a recipe than make it with the computer on the island (we might regret this someday...). My current favorite sites at Epicurious, The Food Network, and the site for the Take Home Chef (he is so cute!).

I had not been to Keri Smith's site in awhile. She had a little boy (naturely, way to go, Keri, I know exactly what that is like!) a couple weeks ago named Tilden. Congrats! I followed a link to her blog titled How to Feel Miserable as an Artist... It says how we all feel from time to time and actually, was just what I needed this evening to help me unslump myself...

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