Thursday, February 14, 2008

Splendid Spectra

Lately, I work mainly with Polaroid film, but usually the two part pack film that is used with a Daylab system, Polaroid back on a Holga or pro film cameras. I don't usually use the instant consumer film you find everywhere (or shall I say used to find everywhere). However, I do have a 600 series camera that uses this kind of film. We used at our wedding back in 2003, for guests to photograph each other and then stick in the guestbook along with whitty comments and well wishes. I dug it out the other day as part of a project I am working on, which I am sure I will post here at some point. Basically I need 2 Polaroids, a before and an after... set out to find the film, had a heck of a time finding it where I live (partially because there are no big box stores here but also because Polaroid quit making these cameras last year and they quit making the film basically this week). I found it today at Venice Gifts in Canmore! AND in the process of going to every store I could think of that might have Polaroid film (all local camera shops have quite carrying it), I found a wicked closeout deal on Spectra film at Safeway, of all places. So while in Canmore today I went to the Victory Thrift Shop, a weekly haunt, and found a Spectra camera for $5!! Yippee!! I love serendipity. Snapped up (pardon the pun) the $5 camera, went to the grocery store that was selling the cheap film, bought one pack to test the "as is" camera, and then went home and had some fun. The camera works! And not only that, but because I have no manual, I think I stumble upon a way to make double exposures that I am not so sure would have been written about in the manual (or could be common knowlegde to everyone...). If I had known it was so great for making double exposures I would have bought one years ago... Here are a couple of the fun images I made. Tomorrow I am going back to buy out the rest of the film... :)

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