Friday, February 1, 2008

Belly Dancing Bliss & "Bound"

Today the sun was out, the birds were singing, and it was finally not so bloody cold. Quin went with Papa to the ski hill so Mama could get some work done. She was all thrilled to leave, holding up her pink back pack and making truck noises when he came in the door. It was like, "I'm finally busting out of here!". As much as I know we both like it, I think we spend so much time together that she is happy to do things without me. Which is much better than having her leave kicking and screaming :)

Yesterday on Esty I FINALLY sold my first original Polaroid emulsion lift. My transfers are the most popular and I have been doing well with them, but I listed some emulsion lifts months ago and was beginning to wonder when one would sell. Bound, seen below is one of my favorites, and while I always love to sell a piece, I am also sad to see them go. I get attached to them. They are each like a little child I gave birth to. And since I have yet to make any reproduction prints of any of my Polaroid work I have made in the last five years, the are all originals and difficult sometime to part with. Oh, geez, I am so emotional, eh? I just try to remember that if I created that one, I have the ability to do it again if need be, and maybe it will be even better! Anyway, I am very happy for the person who bought it. When I convoed her to say I had shipped it this afternoon she wrote back saying, "Excellent! It's so pretty, I can't wait : )". That is sooooo nice!

After a great day of getting lots accomplished and a trip to the post office I made it to Weeds & Seeds, our local health store. Derek, the owner, is really great and he gives 20% off everything in the shop on the last day of the month. And as luck would have it, I needed pretty much everything we buy there (vitamins, fish oil, nutritional yeast, shampoo, lotion, body wash), which never happens, so I SCORED and saved like $30!

And this evening was my first belly dance class at the Banff Center. I am taking it with Mariana. She wanted Latin Dance Cardio, which sounds fun, too, but it was cancelled, so she decided on Belly Dancing. I really love Kim, the instructor. She teaches the Mom and Tot class Q & I go to. And I need some exercise, good energy, and fun with a group of women. There were about 25 people in the class! WOW! It is good to dance again.

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