Monday, January 19, 2009

Ultra Cuteness! Handmade...

Well, actually hand embellished would be more accurate. Quin's aunt, my little sister, Tillie, sent this adorable mitten, hat, and glove set early in the new year. They have fast become Q's favorites. She is able to get all of it on all by herself. My dad said they found the set at a craft fair. I have to say, I was proud he took my sis shopping at a craft fair, since every crafter and artisan I know says they had horrible sales over the holidays. From what I can see, this person bought the and with embroidery floss, added translucent tri beads all the way around each of the edges. The colors are really lovely, and they wash up like a charm. They sent Quin a pair of socks that are embellished the same way, and I had my doubts, but they washed up well and I hang them to dry. This would be a good craft for even an older child to try. They could use a blanket stitch through the beads. I found a site that sells 2,200 beads for $5.99!

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