Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Go Lucky - The Movie

Tonight I saw a really fun AND funny film. The Banff Centre has partnered with the local movie theatre, Lux Cinema, to show independent Canadian or foreign films on the first Monday of the next four months. I LOVE going to the movies. Movie theatre popcorn would have to be my biggest vice. And going to the theatre is a real treat because it forces me to watch the movie, something I never really end up doing when we rent movies at home, because there are so many other things I can do. You may have guessed I have trouble sitting still... We are pretty good about going out to the movies in the off season, sometimes every week. What I mean by the "off season" is spring, summer, or fall, as my husband manages a ski resort. And since it is winter, my goal would just be for us to make it once a month to these movies. I am a big fan of both independent and foreign films. When we lived in Quebec, outside of Ottawa, I would go to the Bytowne Theatre, as often as I could. They are an independent movie theatre that plays documentaries, art films, independent films, foreign films, classic films, lots and lots of good stuff. So tonight I felt like I was in a smaller Bytowne yet surrounded by friends and neighbors.

The film we saw was Happy Go Lucky, which without going into it too much, is a British film about a free spirited school teacher named Poppy. Poppy's enthusiasm for life and her infectious smile are contagious. Yet, as in real life, there were dark moments in this film. The premise of the film is to highlight the importance of laughter in our lives. I saw many people I know in my life this film. I am sure I will be thinking about it a lot in the week to come. Happy Go Lucky is directed by Academy Award Nominee Mike Leigh. Sally Hawkins, who plays Poppy, is a Golden Globe Nominee for Best Actress in this film and this film is nominated for best picture. It came out on DVD in England in August, so it may be out here within a couple months. If you would like to laugh out loud through an entire movie, this is the one to see.

PS, I absolutely am going to make the wall map in the photo above, if I can find a wall in my house to put it on...

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