Friday, January 2, 2009

Here We Go!!

So, after finding out about it oh-so-long-ago, from pal, Sheasy, I have finally gone ahead and made the commitment to NaBloPoMo (say that three times fast!). I promise to blog everyday for the month of January, and hopefully, February, March... and beyond! And I am very psyched because my friend, Robyn, of Inspiration Junkie, just joined, too! Now if we can only get Sheas to come back, although I know she is VERY busy right now, so no pressure...

The theme of the month is Change. And the theme is completely optional, which is great! I should have read further before since having to work within a theme was what was stopping me from joining earlier. I like themes for a piece of art work or two, or for an exhibition, but it is a bit confining for approx 30 blog posts. But, I love change, I really do, so I am sure I can spend a few days on the topic.

Many people fear change, not me. I live for it. I get pretty bored without it. I have moved approx 20 times in 18 or so years. Many of these moves were in the same city, but I have lived in 5 states (Arizona, New York, Maine, Florida, and Minnesota) and in 5 places in Canada (Montreal & Wakefield, Quebec; Ottawa, Ontario; Canmore & Banff, Alberta). I also can say I "lived" in Costa Rica for 6 weeks and Australia for 2 months. We now own a house in Banff, and with a 2 1/2 year old, and a babe on the way, I am happy to put down roots but I am still a gypsy at heart. My husband says I am like the woman in the movie Chocolat, although I am not running away from anything. Quite to the contrary, I run to future, not away from the past. My arms are wide open to new experiences. They make me grow and become a better me. Now I look to travel to satisfy the change need. And I also like to make small changes in my day to day life to shake things up and keep people guessing... must be the "mysterious" Scorpio (double Scorpio, yikes!) in me.

I was reading something yesterday, about how many women cringe when a New Year starts. They feel a lot of guilt and pressure about things they were not able to get done. I am soooooooooooooooooo the opposite. I LOVE the New Year! What better way to wipe the slate clean and not give a second thought to the things you didn't get to. You have a whole New Year! Now USE it to the best of your ability, and make your dreams come true!!

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