Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today, I sold this in my Etsy shop. It has always been a very special image to me, since I took it of one of my very good friends, during her first pregnancy. She now lives in Spain, where she is from, so this image reminds me of her and makes me smile when I am missing her....

The woman who bought it lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where my husband is from, and near where we were living, in Wakefield, Quebec. It is so cool how small the world is, and how it takes the internet for this person to find me, even though I used to exhibit my work all over Ottawa! This very image has hung in public in Ottawa. She wrote me a sweet little note that says, "I love your work. I live in Ottawa Ontario and am feeling the pregnancy blues and this made me feel spring and beauty in the midst of winter! Thank you!" Isn't that lovely? It really made my day! From what I can tell from feedback ratings, this is only her third purchase on Etsy, and it is really cool that she chose my work. And that is spoke to her. That is what an artist needs to hear. And I think it is nice that I am pregnant, too. I am going to send her a little note back...

This image has really received a lot of good feedback. I had a student doula contact me, to ask if she could use it on her business card. While I would normally charge a fee for this, a small one for business card use, I believe so much in the importance of doulas for pregnant women, and I have been a student, that I said yes, please use the image!

I love being pregnant, and I love to capture this fleeting time in a woman's life.

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