Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Feeling Accomplished...

Yesterday, I made a submission to a book project that I pretty excited about. I made it in just under the wire, submitted on the deadline day. I know it seems like I do that a lot but it is not in most cases that I am a procrastinator, it is that I literally seem to find out about things like this the day before. Such is the case here. I was checking out the Etsy home page, and the bottom of the page, where the Storque articles scroll by, caught my eye. Garth Johnson, of ExtremeCraft.com, is compiling a book called 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse. The book, which is being published by Quarry Books, is a great idea! From what I can tell it will be a gallery of sorts, no how-tos, just photographs of finished projects. The best examples of paper and book arts, jewelry, clothing, home and personal accessories, furniture, art, and miscellanea will be feature and Johnson put out the call through Etsy, to designers, artists, and crafters for submissions. There will be no cash payment for those selected but there will be lots of glory and a 50% discount on buying the book.

Mosaic Table by Tiffany Teske

I submitted 20 photographs for about 12 projects of mine. I was thrilled that Quin could go up to play at Norquay for the day so that I could work on it. It took me the better part of the day, even though I already had all the photographs. I needed to resize them to the required specs, make an image list complete with dimensions and materials used, and to file out a grant of rights. And you know how when you are trying to upload things, your computer never seems to work right? It took me a long time to upload everything but I really felt awesome when it was all done. I think it is important to always have good photographs of your work on hand. They can really come in handy when you have very little time to get together a submission. I am on pins and needles to hear back about whether any of my projects will be featured... stay tuned!

Tsotchkes Bowl by Tiffany Teske

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