Monday, December 22, 2008

Sold Polaroid

I sold one of the Polaroid Spectra double exposures from my local show Seeing Double: Reflections of Human/Nature in Banff. You can read more here and here. The man who bought it has lived in Banff for 8 years, he works for the Banff Springs Hotel. He is moving to Washington, D.C., presumably to continue working for the Fairmont Hotel chain. I love D.C. and I am sure he will, too, since he mentioned appreciating arts and culture. He wanted one of my images from the show to remind him of his time in Banff. The image that he chose is of the Banff Springs and a large pine tree. This guy thinks like me, remember a place by a photograph you or someone has made there, or by some other form of original art. It helps support local artists, beautifies your space, and helps you build a nice collection. I certainly appreciate that this guy went out of his way to contact me to buy my art. And just days before Christmas, it really helps us to go ahead and buy the wooden kitchen we are planning to pick up on Wednesday for Quin. She is going to be thrilled!! Happy holidays to everyone!!

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