Saturday, October 25, 2008

Seeing Double: Reflections on Human/Nature in Banff Part Deux

This is the second part post about my solo show at the Banff Public Library. To catch up on the first post go here. As I revealed in my post below, I found out a day before the show that I am pregnant (while battling the stomach flu)! I was glowing inside at the opening. My friend, Kim, who is also pregnant, is the one who was coordinating the show for the Banff Public Library. When I had found out she was pregnant we were talking about how fun it would be if I was pregnant at the same time, and now I am! I could barely get in the back door of the library before I told her the news :) And then I broke out the bottle of denatured wine, so we could celebrate. I was not ready to let everyone know, so this gave me a cover and Kim is due in March, so she is showing, but this allowed her to celebrate with me and during the show.

Here are some more images from the show. I also have images from that night that I will put into another post along with some stories...

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