Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ode to Glitter

I was never really a fan of glitter. I mean, not after grade school. In fact, I remember when I used to get really annoyed at glitter and the way it seems to get on everything. I have no idea what happened, but suddenly, this holiday season, I can't get enough of the stuff. It is not like I was not always surrounded by it. As completely different as my mother and my aunt are (they were sister in laws) they both own a lot of things covered in glitter. My mom is more traditional glitter and my aunt if more artsy glitter. Recently, while visiting Minneapolis where they both live, I suddenly, at 35 years of age, started to love glitter. It is so strange. I have no idea why it has a hold on me. I am guessing that it is the amazing array of colors that glitter comes in. I should know, while vacationing I bought both the Martha Stewart 24 pack of glitter AND a 12 pack of some unknown brand. And GUESS WHAT??!! Not ONE of the colors is the same so I am now the proud owner of 36, count 'em, 36 colors of glitter!! And what will I do with it? I have a few projects up my sleeve, although for now I am just gazing at them with longing. I really do love glitter. How do I know? Some of the silver glitter leaked into my suitcase, and rather than be annoyed, I actually got giddy when it go on my clothes, the carpet, and EVERYWHERE.... glitter glorious glitter!!

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