Saturday, October 25, 2008

Seeing Double: Reflections on Human/Nature in Banff Part Three

My Lovely Family

I had many, many wonderful people show up to my exhibit opening at the Banff Public Library. Unlike a public or private gallery on Main Street, where people may wander into an opening or vernissage in the course of an evening because they happen by, the Library openings are mostly attended by people who are invited. I did put announcements in the paper, but in the end, it was mostly people I knew at the show. I was deeply touched by the people who took the time to come and see my work, at my first solo show in Banff.

My friend and chiropractor, Dr. Dorothy and her husband.

My friend and show coordinator, Kim.

I want to thank Kim, Dr. Dorothy, Pam, Drew, and Silver, Megan and Corinne, JT, all the Mom and Kids from our neighborhood, Maureen, Annie, Louise, and William, Cheryl, Michelle, and their friends, and anyone who I hope I have not forgotten... blame it on Mommy brain :)

The icing on the cake, which really, really made me feel special, was that my friends at Victory Thrift Store, sent me flowers!! I had called the Library earlier in the day, and Kim said, "Someone sent you flowers". It had me thinking all day, who sent me flowers? When I opened them and read who they were from, I was so grateful. I go to Victory about once a week. It is the perfect place for me to find toys for Quin, and things for me to repurpose in my artwork or to use in our home. Our friends there, Nathan, Wendy, Shelley, Maureen, and Keely, are very welcoming and friendly. They even save me old books, camera, and photographs! Maureen sent the flowers on their behalf. I was so shocked by the flowers and the starting of the opening, that when Maureen walked in the door, I didn't even have the flowers out on the table :( She chided me about that! It was so good to see her, she has been sick, and I have not seen her in months, just email. I was touched that she not only sent the flowers but that she and a friend came to the show. They used it as an excuse to go out to dinner in Banff and then to come to the show. Maureen is a crafty lady, who enjoys collage and mixed media, and the work of Claudine Helmuth. We are always planning to get together and create but have not been able to. Maureen also encourages me to continue practicing how to sew. She find me books and spurs me on. Thanks to Victory! They mean so much to me that I have always given 10% of the sales in my Etsy shop to their Operation Jacket Frost Program, which provided jackets, snowsuits, boots, and other winter items to children in need.

I am a foodie, so there was plenty of food and drink to be had by our friends. I ordered mini cupcakes for the kids and adults alike, from Cozy Cave Bakery. We were also supposed to have soft pretzels from JK Bakery in Canmore, but they forgot to make my order. We had cheese, baguette, meats (which being a vegetarian I didn't order on the specified CHEESE tray), and juice from Nester's Market. And wine and spirits.

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