Tuesday, December 23, 2008


While spending the last two days cleaning my home, I reflected on how lucky we are to have a home of our own. I have never taken a roof over my head for granted, and I have been blessed to have one my entire life. I am thankful for this every single day. Even when I am vaccuuming my stairs, my very least favorite cleaning activity. It takes me forever to do them, with the little attachment thingy on the vaccuum. Yet, I use the opportunity to spend a long spell, going deaf from the roar of the vaccuum, and being so happy I have a home. This time of year I think of this even more often. And I try to do what I can to help others, even more that I do the rest of the year. Recently on Freecycle, there was a call for blankets for homeless people. They were being collected by Calgary's The Seed. I was able to find a blanket still in the plastic, that we have never used. It is cheery blue, fleecy, and now on it's way to Calgary. I am wondering whether the people I see that are homeless in my neighborhood need blankets. I am grateful to live in the beautiful town of Banff, in the Canadian Rockies, and our tourist town is a bit unique, in that there are not many homeless people, and I believe that they are able to sleep at the YWCA. However, I am making an assumption and really want to find out if there is a need locally for blankets. I hope I might inspire someone who reads this to do the same. I know it is cliche but let's all count our blessings during this season where many people are hurting, alone, penniless, even more people than last year, thanks to this economic shake up. Happy holidays to you and yours!!

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