Monday, December 29, 2008

Cell Phone Recycling Sends Kids to Camp!

I am lucky to live in a town where the environment is a top priority. I would have to be pretty lazy not to take advantage of some of the awesome programs they have such as townwide recycling, composting, Freecycle, computer recycling... now, I can get rid of more of the electronic clutter in my life while helping local children at the same time. For each cell phone the town collects, they receive $1, which they put toward their Campership Program. That might sound like a small amount of money but in the first week of the program they collected 100 phones. And not only will the dollars add up but the progam saves antimony, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, copper, lead, nickel and zinc, all toxic chemicals, from being deposited in landfills. A bonus is that the program is accepting all models and types of cell phones, which are then sent to Ontario, then passed on to areas in economic need. If you have a cell phone you would like to recycle, just bring it to the Banff Town Hall. I know I have at least 5 (isn't that awful?) kicking around here that I can bring them...

To read more about the program you can read the article that appeared in this week's Banff Crag and Canyon.