Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Lake Louise World Cup Men's Downhill

Where does the time go? December ALREADY! Sheesh! Andre, Quin, and I had an awesome weekend at the The Lake Louise World Cup Men's Downhill!! Thanks to all of Andre's hard work and his generous bosses we enjoyed an amazing time at the Chateau Lake Louise. We took in the races, enjoyed food in the VIP tent, went to the Saturday night bib draw and met some racers, and met even more on Sunday.

Bodie Miller, Quin, & Andre

Oh, Bodie, he always seems to be unhappy with his performance, although the past two years we saw him at Lake Louise, he didn't do very well... I have a soft spot in my heart for him, since I taught photography at Carrabassett Valley Academy, a private ski academy in Maine, at Sugarloaf, when he was a student. I always root for Bodie. He is a green skier, who often shuns endorsements, a rebel, and from what I can tell a sensitive soul. On Sunday, the day after this photo, he was going 122km per hour when his ski popped off, and he not only didn't wipe out, but completed a couple more turns on one ski. He is truly amazing. And as he once said in a video of his, these guys risk their lives every time they compete.

Quin, Me, & Hermann Meier

Hermann Meier won the Super G on Sunday. He is from Austria and has a million dollar smile. This was the night before the race. He risked his life, as all the racers do, and won $30,000 for that run.

Andre, Quin, & Didier Cuche

Didier Cuche won third place in the Super G on Sunday. He is from Switzerland. He is super nice, very approachable. Ever time I saw him, he would stop and take time for his fans, with a huge smile. He seems really down to earth, no "people" to herd him from appearance to appearance. He always seemed to be alone. We even ran past us in the hall at the Chateau to get to the bib draw on time. He spoke to Quin, which none of the other racers did, and he and Andre talked trucks outside the Chateau.

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