Thursday, December 25, 2008

FINALLY Got the Holiday Letter Finished...

I made the conscience decision this year to send an email holiday letter. Aside from my grandparents, everyone we know has email. And I love to mail out snail mail cards but since I like to include a photo and a personal letter, they always end up taking until into the New Year for me to write and mail. It is expensive and I honestly don't think many people keep them, which means I am creating more waste. I think other people feel like I do, that it can be wasteful to mail out holiday cards, because I only have received 4 paper cards, and 4 photo cards this year. In the past my fridge would have been covered and a basket would have been full. There is a hugely noticeable difference this year, unless everyone got busy and we are going to get them after the holidays. Anyway, I am proud of my decision and stand by it. I took the time to write a two page letter about the travels we took in 2008, how we bought a new home, about our new babe, and then paragraphs about what Andre, Quin, & I are up to. I know some people don't like these kinds of letters, but I love to write, and I really hate it when people take the time to send me a card that only has a signature. I want to know what you have been up to since I talk with you!! I think the beauty of the Christmas email is that my greeting and photo is in the body of the email (as seen above), and then I can attach the letter, and the people who want to read it will, and those who won't, won't. As an artist, I will always love to hold a photo and a card in my hand but sometimes it is best to reduce the extra clutter. Merry merry!

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