Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Breakfast

My family likes to eat, oh yeah! So, after checking out the barn that Santa left for our daughter, we headed to the kitchen to make a killer Christmas breakfast. We love too mix up eggs benedict by using smoked salmon instead of ham. We got our our trusty egg poacher pan, which was given to me as a bridal shower gift by my friend, Kirsten, and it is one of my favorite kitchen items. I can't remember if I asked for it, but since Kirsten raises her own egg laying hens on her Harmony Farm, it was a perfect gift complete with a dozen farm fresh eggs...

I don't have an official recipe for our eggs bene but each one consists of a sourdough english muffin, toasted, smoked salmon piled on top, one poached egg with runny yolk, on top of that, and then homemade hollandaise sauce, made by André. His recipe this year is similar to this one. Yum!!!

As for drinks, André made his famous Cappuccinos and Lattes. And I made some homemade hot chocolate using Cocoa Camino cocoa powder, organic 2% milk, sugar, marshmallows and cinnamon. No recipe I just mixed to sight and taste. MMMM! A great start to a great day!!

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