Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prenatal Yoga

I finally started my prenatal yoga. I have done yoga before but have never been hard core. I danced ballet for about 12 years, and have always been into daily stretching, although I let that slip after having my daughter. Since I believe that daily stretching kept me fit and helped me to have an amazing birth, I have been anxious to get back into it. I think that the combination of yoga and stretching routines is ideal. My friend, Cassandra, works for FITMOM in Ottawa, so when I saw that my friend, Pamela, carries the FITMOM DVDs in her shop, I decided to try out the Prenatal Vibe for Birth DVD. I like that they are a Canadian company of mompreneurs. I have only been at it for a week, so I have not viewed all of the features, but I really like the core workout. Quin, my daughter, has been doing it with me, for the most part, although sometime she just seems to run around me in circles saying, "Look at ME, Mom!". She wants a Yoyo mat, a PINK Yoyo mat, so I guess that is a good sign she may get into it...

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