Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fuzzy Gaiters, YEAH!!

I miss one of my bestest, most creative, funest friends, Karina, pretty much daily. She and I have spent much time together, empathizing about the joys and challenges of being full time artists. She is in Ottawa, I am in Banff. She has come to visit, I go there to visit, we have met up in San Miguel de Allende. We have worked on projects together in her studio, and she brought delectable delights over to my home on her motorcycle when I first had Quin, and we would kick back and chat and drink tea. She and I have traded work. And bought each other gifts, like the adorable teeny turquoise and red satin Mary Janes she brought Quin back from Amsterdam. We send each other show cards for our lastest exhibits. It is hard to not think of her, since many corners of my home include her work. She inspires me, and I hope I do the same for her. ANYWAY... we keep up on what the other is doing with the help of our blogs. So, when my reader showed this link the other night, I was thrilled to see she has finally put some of her clothing and accessory line online!! This certainly helps me, being on the other end of Canada. Anyway, K, has the most wonderful and adorable gaiters for sale, and what does a pregnant woman in Banff need this winter more than anything? That's right, FUZZY GAITERS!! I went immediately to her shop, got my hand on the only pink and orange pair, made with fur she bought on a recent trip to New York. I love this color combo ever since I had my daughter. I found out the next day I was K's first online sale EVER! Yippee! WhoooooooWhoooooo! Now, I just sit back and wait for my new fashion accessory. It was all so easy and I am so happy. I think Quin needs a pair...


Anonymous said...

thanks for the post Tif!!!!
Just caught up with your goings on...did you get the gaiters yet?
I think Quin may need a pair too,
that would be soooooo cute!!!!
love you
miss you
ps,you got me a little weepy on that one, where's my tissues

Tiffany Teske said...

Hey K! Yes, yes they arrive on Monday but I didn't get them from the PO until Wednesday, since there was Rememberance Day... I LOVE them, and yes, yes, YES Quin DOES need a pair! I thought of that after you had sent them, or I would have had you throw in a pair. Glad I made you teary... Yeah! Come back soon because I took pics of my gaiter this morning and will post about them soon...
love you
miss you