Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tsotchke Bowls

I have been wanting to make these for a very long time (is that how I start every post?). I have collected many tsotchkes, aka knick knacks, over the years and I am not really the sort to keep them on shelves. And after all, there are not a lot of other things to do with them. I can photograph them, but then what? I love old wooden bowls. I collect those, too. And I don't actually do anything with them... do you see where this is headed? Throw in a love for paper and you have my tsotchke bowls. They are the perfect jewelry holder bowls or odds and end holders... in which case they are useless items put together to house useless items, LOL! Now that I have started, I can't be stopped, so I will have to start listing them in my OTHER Etsy shop, which is now quite pitiful. And I need to refine my technique. I wish I could cut the paper so I can decoupage it into the bowl in just one or two pieces. The way I did this first one was totally expiremental and more like a metal steamer that has the leaves that fold down, but not at all symmetrical like a steamer. It is kind of a patchwork which is not that nice up close. The owl is cemented into the middle with gel medium. Time for bed, I can't write anymore... I am a night owl but it is time to hoot my final hoot. Nighty night all!

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