Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Snow Day?!

Ok, so after a very springy day yesterday, 16C/60F, we were a bit surprised to wake up to a bit of a morning blizzard. Not that it would be unheard of to have snow in mid April, but at about 1 AM it was POURING outside. And at 9 AM, well, there was about 4 inches of snow stuck to everything. A winter wonderland. And once I got over my annoyance that it is still winter, which by the way IS my favorite season, I was a bit overjoyed by the beauty. And Quin was of course happy to don her snowsuit for a bit of a frolick on the back deck...

The craziest part is that we needed to go to Canmore in the afternoon and about an hour before we needed to leave I thought about staying home. Then, all of the sudden, it warmed up and everything melted just like that! I was really glad I had taken the time to capture this fleeting morning gift.

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