Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ahhhhh, the Weekend....

So, as an artist, who has been self employed for almost 10 years, the weekend is not normally seen as a big deal. My schedule can be all over the board so I don't live for the weekend like someone who works Monday to Friday. My husband, Andre, works pretty much 7 days a week from November to April, as the GM of Norquay, a ski resort. This is the first weekend they are closed. SOOOOOOO, Andre, also known as Daddy/Papa has his first weekend off in months! YEAH!

Currently, until the beginning of May, we have our friends, Mariana & Sylvain, staying with us. They were working at Norquay, so they also have the weekend off. Everyone slept in, we had a big breakfast of eggs with the works, and then Andre took Quin to Motoring Munchkins for the first time since October. We had planned to make a snowman this afternoon, but the snow is too powdery. After a short while outside we came in and made homemade hot chocolate with on the stovetop with milk and some almond chocolate I bought in Mexico in January.

Enjoy my little photo essay of a perfect snowy weekend day apres outdoor fun.

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