Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's

Happy April Fool's Day! I used to have some good fools, but this year I let it slide. I really didn't have any fools happen to me either, other than there was a heading called Waffles on Etsy that I didn't really understand...

Today, I had a cyst removed from behind my ear. Fun stuff. But the upside was that it is across the street from The Cozy Cave Bakehouse. I have been admiring their shop windows for a long time now. And I was lucky enough to have one of their scrumptious cupcakes at the art opening at Banff Library. So, while waiting for Andre & Quinlyn to pick me up from the doctor's office, I wandered over. Can you say YUM?! I just love bakeries, and cupcakes are so delicious and so cute. They had tons of flavors from carrot cake to mocha and I bought lemon, cafe au lait, and chocolate banana. As you can see, Quin gave them an A+!

Oh, I bought 10 packs of expired Spectra film from a company in Massachusetts for a steal, and it arrived yesterday. I am going to shoot a series on Banff, using double exposures. I have really been thinking on this a lot and can't wait to get started!!

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