Thursday, April 3, 2008

Changing The Face of Time

A very very long time ago, as is often the case, I saw this craft, and thought, "Someday, I will do that". I even bought the clocks, one from Ikea and one from the thrift shop. And "someday" came this week!!

I would have to say this craft consists mostly of picking a beautiful paper, tracing the circle from the old clock face, and being something of a clock maker. The thing that took the longest, and to me was the most fun, was taking apart and putting back together the clock. For someone who is not always patient, I am actually really surprised how much I got into it. I was able to pull everything apart and to remember how it all went back together. And I didn't break anything. It was actually quite relaxing. The alarm clock was much more difficult than the wall clock. But it, too, is back together, AND IT WORKS! I love the confidence I get from completing a craft (or project, series, etc) that I set out to do. And it is great to bring those new skills forward to a challenge.

I plan to recycle/upcycle any decent clocks I can find with this technique...

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