Saturday, April 12, 2008

Practicing the Art of Stopping Time

Wow, I wrote that! LOL :) The reason I am laughing is that I forgot that I had. I received a convo from Bill, the awesome photographer of the shop, House of Six Cats, on Etsy. He is one of the people who keeps the Poe Street Team rolling. He wanted to let me know that my slogan was selected as the team's slogan. But the way I read the convo, I thought he was saying I could select a prize because I submitted to the contest but not because they selected one of my submissions. After going back to the team site, Poetic Pixels, to re read the ideas I had submitted, to verify that this brilliant one was amongst them, I was pretty proud. I had done a brainstorm and had come up with several. Here they are:

"Making Art Through the Lens..."
"All Photography, ALL THE TIME"
"Obsessed with the Art of Photography"
"Driven to Capture Creativity"
"Capturing the Past, Present, and Future"
"Practicing the Art of Stopping Time"

I think that they picked the best one (and I am a bit embarrassed by the one I think is the worst "All Photography, ALL THE TIME"). Fun, fun!

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