Saturday, March 7, 2009

Women's Day Annual Art Show at the Banff Public Library

Today was a big day in many ways. Quin and I baked up a mess of Amish Friendship Bread (more on this in another post), delivered the t-shirts to and attended the friendly rally in support of keeping obstetrics at the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital (more on this in tomorrow's post), and to top it off, we attended the opening of the Women's Art Show at the Banff Public Library.

This is a great show to be a part of. This year there are 9 pieces, created by 9 different women, all local. Quin & I arrived with rosy cheeks from our two hours outside at the rally. Barbara, the head librarian, was kind enough to get Quin out of all her outdoor clothes, while I removed my rally t-shirt and put out our bread and non-alcoholic wine (it is just not the same, but I am pregnant...). Then, people started to arrive, each with more and more delicious offerings. The table soon held everything from grapes, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and baby honey oranges, to hummus, guacamole with three colors of chips, cheese & crackers, and spanakopita, to decadent bars, and TONS of chocolate donated by local chocolatier, Bernard Callebaut.

My Little Cindy Who enjoys some guac...

Quin got to work eating, and everyone complimented her on her wonderful behavior. Soon a couple of kids arrived and she hung out with them and their grandparents in the little book room for kids. She and I just spent a lovely hour alone there the other day, she loves the library, like her mom. She is such a good girl, happy to be anywhere for the most part.

There was good public attendance, as well as a reporter, Hagen Hopkins, from the local newspaper, The Crag and Canyon. Last year I left this show disappointed that I had not really mingled with and met the other artists, but this year was great. I met Max Elliot, Cindy Gibson, & Jane Newman. I really enjoyed talking with them. And Max arranged a group photo, which was fun. I didn't get a good one on my camera but I think it will appear in the newspaper. All is all, it was a wonderful event. Thanks to Barbara and the Banff Public Library, and Yosh and the YWCA!!

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