Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Every Photo Tells A Story Feature

I stumbled upon a really cool blog as a result of my daily Google alert for Polaroid submissions. The thing about this search is that it brings up submissions opportunities for Polaroid images, but it also brings up sites that mention "Polaroid" and "submissions" on the same page of a blog. Such is the case with the blog "Every Photo Tells A Story". As someone who has written both professionally and personally, I love this blog! Nancy, the blogger, posts an image a day which is to be used as inspiration by writer's, artists, crafters, photographers... some of them have a written prompt, others are just the image. They include links to the artists blogs and info about them. It is a really amazing idea.

I joined the blog as a "Beloved Blogger" or "Follower" and was pleased when Nancy sent me a personal email, thanking me for visiting the site. She asked me submit an image for consideration on her blog. Today, I was the feature photographer on her site. You can check it out here... Thanks, Nancy!

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