Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Handmade Vitamin E Face Scrub

Today I got around to making myself some new face scrub. I have been wanting to make the Vitamin E face scrub in the Big Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano. It is an AMAZING book that I blogged about here.

Making personal care products is super easy. And they are so much better for you than a lot of toxic items you can buy. I have started to make a lot of the products I use. And they make great gifts!

Vitamin E Face Scrub
by Mark Montano

What You Will Need:
~ 1 cup finely granulated salt (I buy sea salt in bulk at my local health food store and it is really cheap)
~ 15 drops vitamin E oil
~ 2 teaspoons olive oil
~ 1/4 bar unused glycerin facial soap (or your regular facial soap)
~ Large mixing bowl
~ Cheese grater
~ Moisture-proof container

1) Grate the bar of soap using the smallest holes on the cheese grater. Don't worry if the glycerin soap sticks together. When you start to mix it with the other ingredients it will come apart.
2) Pour your salt, vitamin E, and olive oil in the bowl and mix well.
3) Add grated soap and mix throughly.
4) Pour the mixture into your container.

I tried this tonight and its great. My skin is smooth from the exfoliation of the salt, and the oils are moisturizing. I won't use this everyday, especially since I live in a pretty dry culture. I will use it once every few days.

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Making your own personal care products is also a good way to make sure that what you use are all-natural ingredients, and that you don't put any of those harmful chemicals into the stuff that you use.