Monday, March 16, 2009

AlterNation - Wicked Book Deal

Ok, so it just dawned on me that I could write the next four posts on current books I am reading, and I just wrote the last post about a book. This blog could be called Art Food Books & Motherhood... but that would just be getting too long wouldn't it?

I wanted to bring to your attention a wicked deal on a book that I have not read but will soon have in my hands. I opened my Craft Daily Newsletter yesterday, and the first blurb was about the book Alter Nation by Shannon Okey and Alexandra Underhill. It is a must have for anyone who likes to "transform, embellish, and customize" their clothes. This is something I used to do, way back when, and something I would like to do again, now that my sewing machine and I are back on speaking terms. Now that I am a mom, the ultimate goal would be to do this with kids clothes, but I am getting ahead of myself... This book presents 30+ project ideas for you to try. Shannon and Alexandra are currently offering signed copies of their book for $8.00!! BUT WAIT! Use the code, craftzine, at check out (Paypal or Google) and you will received $1.50 off! AND SHIPPING IS FREE!!!!!!! So, of course, being a DIY book junkie, I had bought a copy of this book before I even knew what happened. I have received a nice email from Shannon, and the book will be on the way soon. I can't wait to get it in my hot little hands, and to let you know more about it.

Have I peaked your curiousity? You can check out the Alternation Blog for more info as well as Stitch Cleveland, where Shannon has a studio. This post about the book has some great images from the book, which illustrate how you can transform your thrift store finds.

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