Monday, February 23, 2009

Upcoming Art Show at the Banff Public Library

Today, I matted and framed three of my photographs for the upcoming show at the Banff Public Library. It will run for the month of March, and is inspired by International Women's Day on March 8th.

All of the participating artists are women, working in a variety of mediums, and the theme of the show is "Global Women, Bridging the Gap". This is the third year that the Library has hosted the show, and the second year I have participated.

I love to come together with other artists to exhibit and I am looking forward to the opening on March 7th. My images were shot in Terrier Rouge, Haiti. I chose three images of women who are wearing vibrant smiles, which is not necessarily the usual tone of my documentary work. As a photographer, capturing emotions is an important way to communicate universally with an image. A smile can speak volumes, where language may not. The images together are titled, ""Our Smiles Can Speak to the World".

I selected the following quote to be displayed with the images...
"And I have learned that even without a shared language, it's easy to let people know that their children are beautiful, their homes are lovely, their tea is delicious, and their stories are worth sharing with the world." Annie Griffins Belt, National Geographic Photographer & Mother

The other thing I did today was start a class on writing memoir. I am really excited about it. Memory is the inspiration behind a lot of my mixed media work and I am looking forward to learning to write more eloquently about my life experiences.

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