Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spicy Sweet Potato & Carrot Soup

I have been participating in Thing-a-day since February 1st. It has been a great experience to document my creative pursuits each day. It has taught me that I actually do live an artful life.

You can follow the posts of people you have selected on Thing-a-day, and my favorite person to follow is fellow Canadian, MahnaMahna. She lives in Toronto and she posts the most amazing recipes. I love them all. I drooled over this soup recipe, I made it today because I have a cold that has been hanging on. It is both delicious and good therapy, since the spice has cleared my sinuses. I added two cloves of garlic to help with that. Easy to make, yummy to eat! I think I may have added too many carrots and sweet potatoes, since mine looks more like stew than the photo MahnaMahna posted. But, I like it thick like this....

If you would like the recipe you can get it on MahnaMahna's blog.

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