Saturday, February 7, 2009

Second Polaroid Collage

I have a thing for ferns. And so I have been photographing them for a long time. I really love to encorporate them with nudes. Both are so lovely. This is the second in my series of Polaroid collages. I blogged about the first one here, and posted it on this site here. These are for a Valentine's Day Erotic Art Show in Chelsea, Quebec. I believe it is called "Swell" this year. I made a commitment to work with recycled materials in the summer of last year. These images are images that might just be thrown away in the process of making Polaroid transfers. Instead I have made them into interesting collages that I am actually hoping won't sell, so I can keep them... That is always good, to make something I love, not worry about making it sell.

In this collage, I cut off the borders of all but one Polaroid, and I played with the orientation of the images. No scalloped edges for this one, since I don't think it would be as nice with ferns as it was with the dreamy nudes. I welcome your thoughts!!

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robyn said...

I love these fern pictures too! Check out my picture of all my favorite necklaces, yours is featured :)