Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Polaroid Transfers - High Tea at The Banff Springs

Yesterday, I created two new Polaroid transfers. I was commission by a very good friend of mine, to make a transfer for her mother's upcoming birthday. Her mom loves tea time, so we decided to use an image from high tea at The Banff Springs. What makes the image I used for the transfer special is that it is from a series of images I shot while this friend was visiting me and we went to have high tea together.

It came to down to a choice between the above image, which is going to be for mom, and the image below. I decided to go ahead and work with both. They both turned out well, so it looks like Kiki will be getting the one below as an early birthday present.... These are photographs of the images, not scans, so they are less than ideal, I hope to scan them tomorrow.

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sheasy said...

Great images. Inspired to make myself a cup of tea right now!