Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Curtains, curtains, and more curtains...

My lovely and wonderful friend, Karina Bergmans, came to visit me in Banff last week. A fellow artist, Karina is someone I miss very much since moving away from Ottawa. She and I have been through each others' professional highs and lows, and supported each other along the way. She even came to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, when I was there teaching a photography class last January. It was so nice to have her here in Banff, for the second time. Since Karina is handy with a sewing machine, and since I lack serious confidence even though I have taken three sewing courses and I own my own machine, I asked K to help me with a couple of projects. I seem to feel the need to have an experienced seamstress looking over my shoulder if I even attempt a stitch. I basically need to make four curtain panels; a pair of cafe curtains for my kitchen, a curtain to cover the storage area in our upstairs hallway for diapers (my daughter wears cloth at home, disposable when we go out or at night, so we have tons of different stuff to stash), and a curtain to cover a shelf area under the sink in my bathroom (that normally would probably have a cabinet door).

This AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL, COMPLETELY WONDERFUL curtain is the one that is concealing out diapers. Karina did me a favor and made it for me. I LOVE the fabric, which is bright and cheerful, and that I paid $3 for exactly the right amount needed at the local thrift store. Just look at the close ups of the little characters! The owl is my favorite.

AND it just happens to look amazing on the wall across the hall from three of Karina's pieces of art that I own. I am positively giddy every time I walk down the hall. And my daughter loves it.

The second project was a pair of panels for my kitchen. Karina and I started these kind of late at night, after a fabulous dinner, since we had to wash and dry the fabric. Because of this, we were talking to each other, but not understanding each other... Karina started to sew one panel, but she thought I wanted them the long way not the wide way, or something, and she sewed up the wrong side. She threw in the towel, and it is a good thing because A) the fact that she made a mistake gave me more confidence and B) I started sewing myself. I finished them after Karina had gone home, so I can pretty confidently say I did them myself, YIPPEE! My 2 1/2 year old even handed me pins and helped me out. Fabric by Ikea.

The third project was the curtain for the bathroom, which I made start to finish myself. Quin also handed me pins. She has already been bit by the creative bug. She asks me regularly, "Mama, what project are we working on today?". AAWWWWWW! She LOVES this curtain. Every time we are in the bathroom she shows it to me, "Look, Mama!". Orange is currently my favorite color, so she gets really excited to show it to me. I got this fabric, again, by some sort of luck, the perfect amount, for $1 at the local thrift store!

Now, I just need to keep the sewing machine where I can see it, so I USE it and keep the confidence going... Thanks, K!

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sheasy said...

I love these prints! They are so fun.