Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flexing My Green Thumb

Today was a pretty creative day but since I am exhausted and don't want to upload, resize, and explain all the photos, I will stick with the first thing I accomplished today and pick it up again tomorrow...

I love houseplants. I recently acquired a bunch of new ones through Freecycle, an online group where people list things they are give away for free. You can post a wanted post for things you are looking for. I received 5 responses to my post which resulted in everything from cuttings to mature plants. Most of the plants were in need of repotting and some rehab, so today was the day. I have always enjoyed working with plants and soil. I love to get my hands dirty and today also got my kitchen pretty filthy. I find it exhilarating to make a good mess, and plants really lift my spirits in the winter. Plus, I am pregnant, so it goes right along with the nesting instinct.... Some of my new plants include aloe, snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue, purple velvet plant, and yucca.

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