Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Good with the Bad

I was having a very bad day. I guess that is how it goes sometimes, even when the sun is shining. Then, I got an email I have been waiting for... good friends of ours in Wakefield Quebec, just welcomed a little boy, Julian, into their family. Congrats to you guys!! You are in our thoughts.

Speaking of having a bad day, I wonder if it is something going through our townhouse complex, as I heard that our neighbor, a pro snowboarded, broke his hip and maybe more, on a big jump at the ski area my husband manages... bad luck, dude, heal up soon!

Two more good things about today, yes, I am counting, I noticed on the way home from work (I work one or two days a week at my friend's shop in the next town) that the days are getting longer. I left about 6:25 PM today and got home before it was pitch dark. I love winter, and I love being inside all cozy when it is dark outside, but the realization of longer days made my heart sing....

AND our local health food store is now carrying Sunny Bears!! Vegetarian, organic, fruit juice gummy bears that I first tasted while visiting a friend in Boulder, Colorado. They are amongst my favorite candies, EVER. I bought a big bag today and ate them all the way home :) There's nothing Sunny Bears can't cure.

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