Wednesday, September 17, 2008

30 Things in 30 Days - #8 - Bring Your Own Coffee Cup

I was reading in our local paper that the council has looked at outlawing one time coffee cups but have decided against it at this time. I live in Banff, where they are always looking into ways to reduce waste, and they have stellar organics and regular recycling programs. Because it is a resort community, so the mayor argued that many people don't bring a coffee mug with them. Now, I personally do travel with a coffee mug and water bottle, but it is true that many people don't, especially with the airline bans on liquids. However, Toronto has proposed a ban or to at least tax the offending cups. If a business doesn't want to pay to carry a better alternative to say styrofoam, they can pay a tax...

Do you have a reusable coffee mug? There are some really cool ones out there. From stainless steel to the Vincent Van Gogh Starry Sky one I have. Just search your local coffee shops or search on Google or Etsy under "travel mugs". This one is my favorite from LittleDebbieDoos!

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