Wednesday, September 10, 2008

30 Things in 30 Days - #1 - Cloths Not Paper Towels

Since I seem to have limited time to post lately, and since people seem to keep asking me, "Can one person really make a difference" (OF COURSE THEY CAN!!), I have decided to commit the next 30 days to 30 simple posts on ways you can make a difference for our environment.

Today's "Thing" is to start using cloths instead of paper towels. We have a stack of dish and baby washcloths that we use to wipe up spills, wash the windows and mirrors, clean the counter tops and other surfaces, basically for anything you would use a paper towel for. In fact, about the only time I use a paper towel is when I need to line a bowl to put bacon on top of. And since I have been a vegetarian for the past 22 years, that is not often. On a side note, does anyone out there know of an environmentally friendly way to dispose of bacon grease? My family does eat bacon, and we pour the grease in a jar and then throw the jar away, which makes me feel guilty. Is it ok to scoop the grease into the trash once it has solidified? I would imagine that is fine... anyway, we also use baby washcloths to wipe my daughter's bum when we change her diaper. The only time we use disposable wipes is when we are out and about, which means we only buy the refill packs for the original plastic tub a couple of times a year. Give it a try. It will take some getting used to, but it becomes a habit to use and launder cloths. And if you buy paper towels, buy 100% recycled paper towels. And please make sure to recycle the packaging so as not to repeat the irony you see here in this picture I snapped while out on a walk recently...

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