Thursday, September 11, 2008

30 Things in 30 Days - #2 - CF Lightbulbs

Hmmm, I had started to write a post about this awhile back but never completed it. Number two in our simple ways to go green is to change out your current light bulbs for compact fluorescents when they burn out. This is a quick and easy way to save both money and energy. An old fashioned light bulb spends a lot of energy creating heat, where as CFLs convert most of their energy to light. They use up to 75% less energy and can last for 10,000 hours instead of 1,500. So, if you get sticker shock when you see the price of CFLs, check the package for the facts, and you will be pleasantly surprised. This site says that by replacing one 75 watt bulb for a 25 watt CFL you can save up to $83 over the lifetime of the bulb. Wow! That will add up AND help the environment.

On a side note, my town, Banff, Alberta, Canada, has volunteers going from home to home, for Project Porchlight. These fine people are giving of their time to give a free CFL to each household, in fact, they came to my house twice, and I hope that once people try these bulbs that they will indeed make the switch. There website has info on recycling CFLs. These bulbs should not be thrown in the garbage but need to be disposed of properly, due to a very small amount of mercury (less than a tooth filling or watch battery) in the bulbs. If a bulb breaks just sweep it up, put it in a safe container, and dispose of it where you dispose of batteries and spray paint cans.

My wish is that eventually companies will just quit making things that waste energy, deplete the ozone layer, or are toxic, etc.

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