Saturday, September 27, 2008

30 Things in 30 Days - #18 - Take a Bath

I touched on this in the last post, but taking a bath instead of a shower CAN save water IF you take long showers like I do. I have read that the average shower is 4 minutes long.... hmmmmmmm, I would say my average shower is 10 - 15 minutes long! I am not proud if it, it is the most wasteful thing I do. The length of my shower depends on whether I am shaving, washing my hair, etc. I have previously stated that showers are a sinful treat for me, and I really over do them. The average bathtub holds 180 - 200 liters of water when full. A standard shower head dispenses 20 - 60 liters of water a minute. A low flow shower head dispenses 10 - 15 liters of water a minute. Here is a good way to decided if a shower or a bath is best for you.

"If you’d like to test the amount of water wasted yourself, here’s an experiment you could try at home. Put the plug in the bathtub next time you take a shower (but not a stand-alone shower as you might spill over the lower shower wall). After you've showered, examine how much the tub filled up. If there is less water than you would usually have in a bath, then you will probably save money by taking a shower instead of a bath.

The Environment Agency, however, would recommend short showers, not baths. Based on its latest research, it proclaims that a 5-minute shower uses about a third of the water of a bath and can save 50 litres every time." by Ray Dobson, the managing Director of WD Bathrooms based in Sheffield, UK.

Personally I believe in the restorative powers of water. Look at all the cultures that have public baths, saunas, therapeutic pools. A bath can be relaxing to mind and body. And bath time is a great time for young families to spend time together. Since having my daughter over two years ago, I now take a bath every other day, with her vs the daily shower I took alone before. We have a fun time bonding, and we save water. Yah to that! It is a long way from the military style showers I have been forced to take as a guest of family friends who will remain nameless but I am truly trying to curb my long, hot shower addiction.

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