Tuesday, September 30, 2008

30 Things in 30 Day - #21 - Harvest Rainwater

This is a new idea to me. I mean, I do know that people collect rain water. And it makes sense. I just never really thought much about it. I am always excited to learn new things and if you search the internet for "Harvesting Rainwater" you will find quite a bit if information. Harvested rainwater can be used to water your plants, both indoors and in your outdoor containers, as well as for lawns and gardens. Rain barrels are simple receptacles that collect water during rainy times, that can be used during dry times. It is best to place your barrel where there is some run off, such as under your home's gutter. You can store your harvested water in a large rain barrel. Rain water is soft, which plants like best, and it doesn't contain chemicals like chlorine or fluoride. This water can also be used for cooking, cleaning, or drinking, if properly treated.

Some people take great pride in decorating their rain barrels so they are true works of art. Here are some tips on how to. Have fun!

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