Monday, September 15, 2008

30 Things in 30 Days - #6 - Reusable Lunch Bag Options

Remember when we had lunch boxes as kids? That was soooo great! I always loved picking mine out when my old one had become worn out, cracked, or otherwise unusable. Kids are so hard on their stuff! I actually recently purchased a Snoopy lunch box that was probably from when I was a kid. It was $2 at a thrift store and I could not resist. It will probably hold letters or other odds and ends in my studio, but it got me thinking about lunch options...

I wrote about the ultra cool reusable lunch options by Laptop Lunches, here. And I mentioned Binski Studios in the post below that relates to reusable shopping bags. It was while I was researching for that post that I found this awesome Design Your Own lunch tote, which uses gorgeous Amy Butler fabric. Check it out! Your lunch tote won't be like anyone else's.

And if you really want to be unique, how about this $75 vintage French yellow and black enamel lunch box from Eurolux Antiques.

I LOVE this see through lunch box, from Five Petals Red, and what a great price! If it is sold it is because I bought it!

And if it is a vintage cartoon lunch box you are after just go to Etsy and search lunch box under the vintage category. Pee Wee Herman, Rainbow Brite, The Partridge Family, they are all here! Come on, ditch your plastic shopping bag or paper lunch bag, find something reusable that you really love so you will look forward to bringing your lunch from home AND you will help our environment.

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